Dear new students of  1D welcome to our school!
Welcome 3A SIA and 3C RIM! Really glad to have you among my students!

These are some pics taken last year… just to let you have an idea of what I’m into and what we can do together.

We’re happy you have joined us, guys!

A new schoolyear has just started and I promise…it will be tough!

If you don’t know it already, my motto is “School is cool!” which means I love my job and my students (most of them :)). But also that school is challenging and can be fun, if you work hard.

Will it be a rewarding year? It depends on you too: school is not made by teachers only…and each one can make the difference.

On this page I will post materials that we have seen / used in class or highly recommended for you to watch and read.

Stay tuned….

Just to start with, this is a useful ally for keeping your English alive and improve it.



It’s a website entirely dedicated to teenagers who are learning English. Materials inside are highly reliable and divided according to levels.

Have  a look and choose the activities more appealing to you.

But remember….practise, practise, practise!

That’s the key to success: practice makes perfect!!

We’ve got a big job ahead so don’t waste time and let’s get started!

Sabrina Parutta

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