I agree: sometimes it’s not so easy to be teacher’s pet! But sometimes it is. What can make the difference are simple ingredients that should characterise the way we set and achieve personal goals.  Here’s a short video to introduce the topic of success and motivation, two major aspects of happiness and which I consider strictly connected with X-factor at school :)

What is success? Is the idea of success the same for anybody?

Here are some posts by students:

Is there a recipe for success? I asked some of my students to list the five key factors that can lead to success. The results were quite predictable: hard work, perseverance, focus, tenacity, passion,… fortune.  It seems that we are perfectly aware of the factors that can determine our success, but for some reasons we tend to input a big amount of responsibility to external factors (fortune) that we cannot control.

According to Richard St John  who has interviewed  hundreds of successful people in a number of fields, success depends on eight factors:







In this video, a Ted-ed lesson,  StJohn tells about his research and discloses the secrets to be successful.

In the next lesson we will discuss it and see how to develop a successful personalized learning plan. In the meantime watch this video about time.


  1. What part of the video impressed you the most?
  2. What is your personal attitude towards time? Do you feel you have enough? Too little?
  3. When do you perceive time as running fast and when as going slow? What  does it depend upon?

Answer these questions then reflect on how you spend your time during the week and jot down some notes with the activities and the time you devote to them. In class we will compare the results and discuss them.







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