20150415_132607 (2)Welcome! This is an Italian EDUBLOG in English!!!

My name ‘s Sabrina Parutta and I’m a teacher and teacher trainer. I’m presently teaching English at  ITSSE “Odorico Mattiussi” in Pordenone (Italy),  an upper secondary school  whose courses include Business economics, Law, Computer science, Financial Accounting, Marketing.

I’m trying to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the web to meet students’ need and capitalise on the work we do together.

Flipped classroom, cooperative learning and real-task based activites are widely used in my lessons because I believe they can help student develop critical thinking skills which are necessary to cope with the challenges of a world where information has become abundant, redundant and overwhelming.

On these pages  you will find news and materials (documents, videos, links,…) used in class or at home during the schoolyear.
My aim is to make learning and teaching an interactive process based on cooperation and knowledge-sharing among students and teachers.

Any contribution and suggestion you want to provide, will be welcomed.

Thanks in advance.

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