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Our school is hosting three university students coming from China, Brazil and Georgia within a progam called Global Citizen and promoted by AIESEC – a students’ association-  in cooperation with MIUR. These students are volounteering  to challenge themselves  by doing something outside their comfort zone.  They are experiencing living and working abroad with cross-cultural teams and families. During the 6- week experience Tam, Kadine and Alice will give lectures  to the students of  Mattiussi in English about their culture and their fields of study: Economics, Law and Business

Here’s Tam’s blog:


I am Tam the third from the right. I come  from Georgia.

I would like to share some of my experience, so far, here in Italy.

Let’s talk about this weekend, cause I was in Trieste and there must be more to tell!

So, I left for Trieste early in the morning, took train and the journey began! By train you need approximately 2 hours to get from Pordenone to Trieste, so yeah I had quite long time for myself. I even had a PC with me (BIG MISTAKE) so that I could “work” BUT well I had my headphones as well so the choice was not that hard!

So I was listening to songs and drifting when the girl from Costa Rica came and brought me back to the train. She boarded on Udine station (she lives there/she’s an intern just like me) and started walking through the train to find any other intern (cause from Pordenone two of us left) that’s how she found me. From than I took my headphones off L and started to have a conversation with herJ. Mostly we talked about our schools, how was it, was it hard or not so much, if students/teachers were good and, you know, everything, we had quite a lot of time ahead. Well, when you have a lot to talk about and there is no awkward silence, time flies and soon we arrived in Trieste. There we met AIESEC members, some new interns and the girl from Ukraine, who apparently took the same train as us!

We had really cheerful and happy meeting, as always, with guys. This guy from Egypt gave us some souvenirs from his country (later he gave us papyrus too, that reminded me of Mummy, the movie, YOU SHOULD WATCH IT!) so it was great.

First thing that we did after arrival was to go to house of one AIESECer (that’s how we call AIESEC members) and look around the city as well, by the way. It was beautiful! Sunny, bright day full of life, oh and the sea! I love sea! We went down and put our hands in there while half wishing not to fall in. But the walk to the house was not so pleasant. He lives on the hill, it was really really  a steep place, we had to climb for like forever, and I have already told you about my mistake right? Yes! My backpack weighted tons. And what’s worse, we left the house right after we arrived there, and went for grocery shopping (again, more streets to climb). Back home they started preparing some food but I was quite exhausted and had some headache so I laid down, sometimes went in the kitchen, communicated with fellow humans and went back to regain my strength!:D

Later we went out again, some other guys guided us through the city, showed us some nice places, some ancient Roman ruins and there was a lot more climbing included as well! We also had nice talk with our guides, they were really good and interesting people, knew a lot so we found some topics to talk about.

After sunset we were in the down town again, went to ice-cream café and then went to bar where other AIESECer was performing. On the way to bar my fellows discovered one of my darkest secrets – I am a radio! So yea the walk was fun :D. But when we arrived I was tired again. We ordered some food and drinks (I had white sprits – one more mistake) and waited till the band would arrive. Soon the place become really crowded. Everywhere people were chatting, laughing, you know just making some noise. Later band members gathered and they started to set up their instruments- I love that part, I don’t know why but I do, just the music without harmony, everyone tending their instruments and so on..

When they started playing I was energetic again. The singer was great, songs amazing so yea it all went amazingly.


The other day I woke up in the very early morning (something horrible that I took up recently) but I laid down again with others. When everybody was ready we left for the Miramare castle. The ride was beautiful as well, so naturally we took extremely big amount of photos, we stopped every now and then. After some time we almost lost hope to get to our destination, but finally, after thousands of pictures we arrived at the castle. It was Sunday so entering was free! We looked around this fancy house and every time we came across the bed I had this horrible urge to lay down, it was really tempting! But somehow I handled this temptation and left castle without any fine. Next was the garden. Beautiful, tranquil, refreshing, I don’t know just amazing garden! And after that the café and perfect tiramisu! J

But we didn’t have really lot of time because we had to catch our train. But before going to station we still had some time and took tramway. Well, that was really the most bizarre experience. IT WAS LIKE A ROLLERCOASTER, but it was slower and seemed less safe, so provided some adrenalin! But the view from the last stop was ‘perfetto’ and it started to snow as well! Even the girl from Ukraine froze, which says a lot about how cold it was up there.

So yes! Lying in my bed and sleeping at 8pm was really nice ending to my trip, especially after the non-hectic train ride and the walk under the rain to other AIESECers house in Trieste to get my phone charger beck (which I left in her place the week before).

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