PNLEGGE It is always a pleasure to take a stroll in Pordenone during this incredible book festival. People coming from the area, but also from outside region, patiently queueing supervised by professional Angels to listen to their favorite speakers. Although all the events are attended by a number of people who cannot fit in... Continua »
settembre 20, 2015


WELCOME! SCHOOL IS COOL! Dear new students of  1D welcome to our school! Welcome 3A SIA and 3C RIM! Really glad to have you among my students! These are some pics taken last year… just to let you have an idea of what I’m into and what we can do together. We’re happy... Continua »
settembre 20, 2015


3…2…1…LET’S GET STARTED! Another schoolyear is knocking  on the door! I want to post these memorable pics taken last year to tell my students: ” You are great, guys! We did a lot of incredible things last year. I’m really proud of you!” And congratulations again to all of you who graduated !!!! New challenging... Continua »
settembre 13, 2015